Tensors and Relativity: Assignment 2

Hints 2

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  • (1) The first two parts should not cause any problems. To explain how the car fits in the garage, draw a spacetime diagram to illustrate what is going on.


  • (2) This question is easy, so no hint here!


  • (3) First write down the conservation of four- momentum equation for the collision. Now the trick here is to rearrange this expression in such a way that when you square it, the angle tex2html_wrap_inline307 is eliminated. This will give you an expression for tex2html_wrap_inline309 in terms of tex2html_wrap_inline311 and tex2html_wrap_inline313 . To obtain the final expression, you have to relate tex2html_wrap_inline311 and tex2html_wrap_inline313 to E and E'.


  • (4) The first part is straight out of the notes. Have a go at the rest of the question. A chocolate bar will go to the first person who presents me a perfect solution!!