Applied Mathematics



18 NQF credits at level 5

NOTE: This course can be taken in conjunction with MAM1044H because lectures are arranged so that this is possible

Course co-ordinator(s): Dr A Weltman

Entrance requirements:MAM1000W (corequisite), or already have an equivalent knowledge of Mathematics.

Course outline: An introduction to Applied Mathematics and Mathematical Modelling including approximations and estimation theory; numerical methods, dynamical systems and modelling and simulation of discrete and continuous processes with MATLAB. Exposure to research methodology and mathematical communication.

Lectures: First Semester: 2nd period Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Second Semester: 2nd period Tuesday, Thursday

Tutorials: One 1-hour tutorial per week.

DP requirements: A class record of 30% or more.

Assessment: Class record counts 40%; one no longer than 3-hour paper written in October/November makes up the balance.