36 NQF credits

MAM3002H: 36 HEQF credits
MAM3003S: 36 HEQF Credits
MAM3002H is a half course for students who register at the beginning of the year. MAM3003S is a half course for those who register in the second semester, or those who have already obtained credit for MAM3002H.

Course co-ordinator(s): Prof. Hans-Peter Künzi

Entrance requirements: MAM2000W.

Course outline: These half courses may consist of any two third-year modules. Either half course may be taken instead of a full course or in addition to it. A student who takes both MAM3002H and MAM3003S: may count the combination as a major only if the four modules studied would be acceptable for MAM2000W and if the necessary project is completed. Otherwise the combination may be equivalent to MAM3001W. A second-year module may be taken as part of a third-year half course with the course co-ordinator's approval.

  Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri  
Lectures: 5 5 5 5 5 with options in 4th period.

Tutorials: Friday, 14h00-17h00, with tutorials for some modules at other times to be arranged.

DP requirements: A class record of 30%.

Assessment: As for MAM3000W, except that the examination consists of two papers of up to 2 hours each