72 HEQF credits at level 7

Course co-ordinator(s): Prof. Hans-Peter Künzi

Entrance requirements: MAM2000W. MAM1019H required as a pre- or co-requisite from 2012.

Course outline:

  1. MAM3000W is the full-year major course for the BSc degree. Credit for MAM3000W is obtained by selecting an approved combination of four modules from those listed below. Such a selection must include at least one of the modules 3AL or 3MS A student will not be given credit for MAM3000W without having completed the modules 2RA Real Analysis and 2IA Introductory Algebra. Students who did not take both these modules for MAM2000W will be allowed to take one of them as one of the modules for MAM3000W.
  2. The modules offered in any one year may differ from those listed. Each module consists of thirty lectures and twelve tutorials.
  3. A written projects with oral presentations will be a component of the course.
  4. Students who are given permission to do a second-year module as part of MAM3000W might be required to do additional reading and be examined on it.
  Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri  
Lectures: 5 5 5 5 5 with options in 4th period.

Tutorials: Friday, 14h00-17h00, with tutorials for some modules at other times to be arranged.

DP requirements: A class record of 30% or more.

Assessment: Year mark counts up to 40%; the examination mark, project and test on additional reading, where applicable, account for the balance. The examination consists of four papers of up to 2 hours each. First-semester modules will be examined in June and second-semester modules in October/November.