The aim of this course is to introduce basic scientific programming in MATLAB.

This course is designed specifically for students in the Faculty of Engineering & the Built Environment. 8 HEQF credits at level 6

Course co-ordinator(s):

Entrance requirements: MAM1003W or MAM1020F/S and MAM1021F/S

Course outline: Expressions, basic operations, script files, vector and matrix handling, loops, decisions, function files, reading and writing data, basic graphics, strings, basic numerical methods (e.g. applied to systems of linear equations, and roots of nonlinear equations), numerical solution IVP's (Euler's method & Runge-Kutta methods), numerical solution of BVP's(finite difference methods), further examples of interest to engineers (simulation, chaos, mechanical systems, fluid flow, heat transfer).

Lectures: 1 lecture per week.

Tutorials: 1 tutorial per week

DP requirements: 30% class record and high tutorial attendance.

Assessment: June examination no longer than 2 hours: 60%, year mark: 40%.