Course co-ordinator(s): Dr V Brattka and Dr P Bruyns

Entrance requirements: At least NSC level 6 in Mathematics or 50% on Higher Grade
Mathematics (SC) or a D symbol at A-level.

Course outline: The idea of this course is to familiarise students with the most fundamental concepts and tools of modern mathematics at an elementary level. These include: fundamentals of logic and set theory, concepts of a function, of relations, of equivalence and order relations as well as some basic algebraic structures and the fundamental number systems.

Lectures: Mondays, Thursdays and alternate Tuesdays in meridian.

Tutorials: One hour per week, Wednesdays in meridian.

DP requirements: Minimum of 30% in year mark.

Assessment: Year mark counts up to 40%; one 2-hour examination paper written in November makes up the balance.