Course co-ordinator(s): Dr B Osano

Entrance requirements: For students with a National Senior Certificate, a pass in Mathematics with an achievement rating of at least 5; for students who matriculated with Senior Certificate, a pass in Mathematics at the Higher Grade or at least an A symbol at the Standard Grade, or at least an E symbol at A-level. All students admitted to the General Entry Programme in Science must register for MAM1005H. In addition, students attending the full-year courses in Mathematics may be placed into MAM1005HMAM1005H at the end of the first quarter. Other students who meet the entrance requirements will be permitted to register for MAM1005H as long as there is capacity in the course, and such students must have their registration approved by the relevant Student Advisor.

Course outline: Differential and integral calculus of functions of one variable.

  Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
Lectures: 1 1 1 1  

Tutorials: Friday, 1st period. Workshops: Monday, 6th and 7th period.

DP requirements: Minimum of 35% for class record and satisfactory attendance at all lectures, workshops and tutorials.

Assessment: Year mark counts up to 40%; one 2-hour paper written in October/November makes up the balance.