18 NQF credits at level 5

Course co-ordinator(s): Ms. Mariola Kirova

Entrance requirements: For students with a National Senior Certificate, a pass in Mathematics with an achievement rating of at least 5; for students who matriculated with a Senior Certificate, a pass in Mathematics at the Higher Grade or at least an A symbol at the Standard Grade; or at least an E symbol at A-level. Students whose provisional registration for MAM1004F has been cancelled will be allowed to register for MAM1004S at the beginning of the second quarter.

Course outline: This course is intended for students who would otherwise register for MAM1004F, but who are not likely to pass that course by the end of the first semester. The syllabus is the same for MAM1004F, but is spread over two semesters.

Lectures: Three lectures per week, days to be arranged, in Meridian.

Tutorials: By arrangement.

DP requirements: As for MAM1004F

Assessment: Year mark counts up to 40%; one no longer than 3-hour paper written in October/November makes up the balance.