16 NQF credits at level 5

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Course co-ordinator(s): Dr C Hellaby

Entrance requirements: Preferable to have MAM1020F/S and be doing MAM1021F/S

Course outline: Topics from: review of vectors, position, displacement and force vectors, line of action and transmissibility, addition of forces at a point, normal reaction and friction, equilibrium for a particle, connected particles, limiting equilibrium, free body diagrams. Parallel and non-parallel coplanar forces, moment of a force, couples, principle of moments, addition of a force and a couple, resultant and equilibrium for a rigid body, internal forces, toppling and sliding, two-force and three- force systems, compound systems, trusses. Centre of mass of many particles, centre of mass of extended bodies, composite bodies. Distributed forces, pressure distributions. Moments of inertia for areas and masses, parallel axis theorem.

Lectures: 4 lectures per week

Practicals: 1 two hour tutorial per week

DP requirements:35% for class record and high tutorial attendance.

Assessment: November examination 2.5 hours: 67%, year mark: 33%.