16 HEQF credits at level 5

Course co-ordinator(s):

Entrance requirements: MAM1020F/S.

Course outline: Further calculus of a single variable. The inverse trigonometric functions. Integration by parts. Partial fractions. Areas, volumes and arc length. An introduction to modeling and differential equations. Vector algebra and geometry. Points, lines and planes. Dot products and cross products. Matrices. Systems of linear equations. Gauss reduction. Matrix algebra. Linear transformations. The matrix representing a linear map. Inverses. An introduction to complex numbers. The complex plane. Moduli and arguments, conjugates. De Moivre's theorem. Roots of polynomials. Some simple complex maps.

Lectures: 4 lectures per week.

Tutorials: 1 double-period tutorial per week offered in each semester.

DP requirements: 30% class record and high tutorial attendance.

Assessment: Examination, not longer than 3 hours in June or November: Class record up to 40%.