16 HEQF credits at level 5

Course co-ordinator(s):

Entrance requirements:

Course outline: An introduction to differential and integral calculus. Functions, limits and continuity. Rational functions, the natural exponential and logarithm functions. Radian measure and the Trigonometric functions. The rules of differentiation. Curve sketching. Applications of the mean value theorem. Rates of change and optimization involving functions of a single variable. L'Hospital's rules, indeterminate forms and the squeeze theorem. Antidifferentiation. The binomial theorem. The definite integral and the fundamental theorem of calculus. The substitution rule.

Lectures: 4 lectures per week.

Tutorials: 1 double-period tutorial per week offered in each semester.

DP requirements: 30% class record and high tutorial attendance.

Assessment: Examination, not longer than 3 hours in June or November: Class record up to 40%.