(for Academic Development (EDU Commerce) students)

18 HEQF credits at level 5
First year, whole year half course for EDU (Commerce) students only.

Course co-ordinator(s):T Low

Entrance requirements: NSC level 5 in Mathematics, or 50% on Higher Grade Mathematics (SC) or a pass in STA1101F/H or STA1001F/H/S; registered as an Academic Development Student (Commerce).

Course outline: Introductory differential and integral calculus, Financial mathematics, linear algebra. Emphasis will be placed on areas of interest to Commerce students, with applications to economics.

Lectures: Five lectures per week, Monday to Friday in 2nd period.

Tutorials: One tutorial per week and 3 to 4 workshops during the year, at times to be arranged.

DP requirements: Attendance at and submission of a minimum of 80% of lectures AND tutorials AND a weighted average of at least 40% for class tests.

Assessment: Semester mark - up to 40%. Final examination - 1 x 2 hour paper.

Note: Students in this course write the same class tests and final examination as the MAM1010F students.