18 HEQF credits at level 5

Course co-ordinator(s): Dr P Uys & Dr H Spakowski.

Entrance requirements: Pass in MAM1010F/S/J or MAM1110F or equivalent.

Students who have passed MAM1005H while being registered in another Faculty can be admitted to MAM1012F at the discretion of the Head of the Department. Such students will be granted exemption from the full first-year Mathematics requirement in the Commerce Faculty if and only if they pass MAM1012F.

Course outline: Further differential and integral calculus, with applications. Further linear algebra with applications. Multivariate calculus. Emphasis will be placed on areas of interest to Commerce students, with applications to economics.

Lectures: Five lectures per week, Monday to Friday.

Tutorials: Each student will be expected to attend one double-period workshop per week. Times will be arranged.

DP requirements: Minimum of 30% in class tests and satisfactory attendance at workshops.

Assessment: Semester mark - up to 40%. June examination - 1 x 2 hour paper.

Note: 50% or more in each of MAM1010 and MAM1012 will be considered as the first year full course equivalent to MAM1002W. In the event that a student attains 50% or more in MAM1012S after successfully completing STA1001F this will also be considered as the first year full course equivalent to MAM1002W