Applied Mathematics



18 NQF credits at level 5

Note: This course can be taken in conjunction with MAM1043H because lectures are arranged so that this is possible.

Course co-ordinator(s): Dr J Murugan

Entrance requirements: MAM1000W (corequisite), or already have an equivalent knowledge of Mathematics.

Course outline: A systematic introduction to the elements of mechanics; kinematics in three dimensions. Newton's laws of motion, models of forces (friction, elastic springs, fluid resistance). Conservation of energy and momentum. Simple systems of particles, including brief introduction to rigid systems. Orbital Mechanics with applications to the planning of space missions to the outer planets.

Lectures: First semester: 2nd period Tuesday, Thursday. Second semester: 2nd period Monday, Wednesday, Friday.

Practicals: One practical every second week, Friday, 6th and 7th periods.

DP requirements: A class record of 30% or more.

Assessment: Class record counts up to 33%; one no longer than 3-hour paper written in October/November makes up the balance.

Last updated: 8th February 2010