Prof Jeff Murugan

About Me

Name: Jeff Murugan
Age: 32
Birthday: April 7th
Marital Status: Engaged
Home: Cape Town, South Africa
Education: PhD (UCT)
Occupation: Researcher (UCT)
Curriculum Vitae: jmvita.pdf
Favorite Quote: “Physics is
like sex; sure it’s useful but it’s
not why we do it”
    - R.P. Feynman

I was born in Durban on the South African east coast in 1976 and moved to Cape Town in 1994 - the year of the first democratic election in South Africa. I completed a BSc at the University of Cape Town with majors in Applied Mathematics and Physics followed by a BSc (Hons) in mathematical physics. After a Masters in low dimensional solitonic physics with Igor Barashenkov at the University of Cape Town, I received a Lindbury Trust fellowship to undertake my PhD studies jointly at UCT and Worcester College, Oxford. My advisors at UCT and Oxford were, respectively, George Ellis and Philip Candelas. On completing my PhD in string theory, I was an NRF postdoctoral fellow in the High Energy Theory group at Brown University. The best thing to happen to me while living in the US was getting engaged to my fiance Amanda. I re-joined UCT as faculty in the middle of 2006.