Max Kelly Conference 2008


Max Kelly Conference in Category Theory • Cape Town 2008 • Talks

J. Adamek: Analytic Functors
D. Baboolal: The Freudenthal Compactification For Frames
B. Bartlett: The geometry of 2-representations of groups
D. Bourn: Extended subtraction and protomodularity
G. C. L. Brümmer: On the monads induced in TOP via the quasi-uniform bicompletion
H. Colman: Lusternik-Schnirelmann theory for the Morita bicategory of Lie groupoids
P. P. Ghosh: A duality involving Borel spaces
C. R. A. Gilmour: A nice category for products
M. Gran: On closure operators, reflections and protolocalisations in Goursat categories
J. Gray: Representability of the split extension functor in categories of generalized Lie algebras
K. A. Hardie, K. H. Kamps, P. J. Witbooi: A coherent homotopy category of 2-track commutative cubes
M. Hébert: Weak reflections and weak factorization systems
D. Holgate: A survey of connectedness and disconnectedness for morphisms in a category
G. Janelidze: What is “non-commutative geometry”?
T. Janelidze: Incomplete relative semi-abelian categories
Z. Janelidze: Closedness properties of internal relations and approximate operations  
M. Johnson: Max Kelly and Universal Algebra:  A personal legacy
S. Kasangian, A. Labella: Conduché’s property and Tree-based categories
J. Koslowski: A profusion of linear bicategories [preliminary title]
S. Lack: The correspondence between monads and theories
H. J. Marcum: Long box bracket operations in homotopy theory
F. Neumann: Cellularization for categories of simplicial presheaves and motivic homotopy theory
P. Ouwehand: Algebraically closed algebras in small congruence distributive varieties, with applications to amalgamation
H.-E. Porst: Universal constructions for Hopf monoids
I. Rewitzky: Discrete duality and its application to bounded lattices with operators
A. H. Roque: Categories of relational structures and descent
M. Sobral: Topological descent and distributive lattices
L. Sousa: On the Orthogonal Subcategory Problem and the Small Object Argument
A. Ursini: Normal subalgebras
E. Vitale: Extensions and fractions
J. J. Xarez: Well-behaved epireflections for Kan extensions and models of sketches