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Charles Hellaby

My Course Teaching at UCT

This year (2007) I teach:
Honours General Relativity (half of Module 4GR of Applied Maths Honours)
MATLAB for Engineers (MAM2082F)
Engineering Statics (MAM1042S)

Courses I often teach are:
Differential Geometry (Module 3DG of Applied Maths III)
Mathematical Modelling (Module 2MM of Applied Maths II)

Other courses I have taught are:
I created the course Programming and Modelling with MATLAB (MAM1045S)
I created the course Tensors and Relativity (AMA327S - forerunner of Module 3GR of Applied Maths III)
Tensor Calculus (AMA310F in former Applied Maths III)
Ordinary Differential Equations (Module 2OD of Applied Maths II)
Networks and Linear Optimisation (half of the late MAM141F)
Vector Analysis (predecessor of Module 2VA of Applied Maths II)
Engineering Mechanics (the late AMA103W)
Special Relativity (10 lectures in the Applied Maths I Course on Dynamics)
Introductory MATLAB for Electrical Engineers (used to be a Module in EEE104W)