Permanent Academic Staff


  Name and Contact Details Research Interests
Mr Patrick Adams
Room M3.29; x2348
Mathematics Education at the Tertiary Level, Cosmic Magnetism, MHD and Fluid Dynamics Simulation, Exoplanetary Science.
Dr Nora Alexeeva
Senior Lecturer
Room M4.12; x2704
Non-linear dynamics; pattern formation
Prof. Igor Barashenkov
Room M4.20; x2333
igor.barashenkov "AT"
Nonlinear waves and solitons
Prof. Bruce Bassett
Theoretical and Observational Cosmology, general relativity and heuristic optimisation
Dr Claire Blackman
Room M3.07; x3863
Mathematics education in tertiary institutions, Braid and Graph Theory.
Dr Anabela Brandão
Senior Research Officer
Room M4.01.2; x2390
Biological modelling; fisheries assessment and management
Prof. Peter Bruyns
Associate Professor
Room M3.14; x3195
Group theory; Permutation groups
Dr Tiri Chinyoka
Room M1.06; x3933
Computational fluid dynamics
Prof. Chris Clarkson
Associate Professor
Room M3.16; x5723
Dr Alvaro de la Cruz-Dombriz
Room M4.13.1; x4065
Cosmology, Dark Energy, Dark Matter, Modified Theories of Gravity, History of Science
Dr Carryn de Moor
Senior Research Officer
Mathematical modelling; biomathematics; fisheries assessment and management
Prof. Peter Dunsby
Room M3.03; x2344
General relativity; cosmological perturbations; inflationary cosmology; cosmic microwave background anisotropies; computer based science; mathematics education
Dr Francois Ebobisse Bille
Senior Lecturer
Room M3.06; x3274
Calculus of Variations; Differential Equations; Functional Analysis and applications in Continuum Mechanics
Dr David Erwin
Senior Lecturer
Room M3.27; x3208
Classical, algebraic, and applied graph theory.
Dr Ebrahim Fredericks
Room M3.10.1; x3209
Lie Symmetries analysis of Stochastic Differential Equations; Lie Symmetries analysis of Partial Differential Equations; Lie Symmetries analysis of Ordinary Differential Equations; Applying Lie Symmetries to Fluid Mechanics, Applying Lie Symmetries to Mathematics of Finance
Dr John Frith
Senior Lecturer
Room M1.01.5; x3204
Frame theory; categorical topology; mathematics education
Prof. Charles Hellaby
Associate Professor
Room M3.12; x2347
Cosmology; General Relativity; Gravity; Inhomogeneity in Cosmology; Deducing Spacetime from Observations
Dr Susan Holloway
Senior Research Officer
Room M4.01.3; x3646
Fisheries assessment and management; marine population ecology
Prof Alexandar Ianovsky
Associate Professor
Room M3.05; x2345
Infinite and Finite Dimensional Dynamical Systems
Prof George Janelidze
Room M3.26; x5732
Category theory, Algebra, Topology, Sets and Logic
Dr Tamar Janelidze-Gray
Room M3.23.1; x3686
Category theory, General and homological algebra, Topology
Ms Mariola Kirova
Room M3.00; x3651
Mathematics education
Prof. Hans-Peter Künzi
Professor & HOD
Room M3.13; x3187
Topology, orders, categories, combinatorics and their applications in analysis and algebra; focus on the theory of asymmetric topology
Dr Julien Larena
Senior Lecturer
Room M4.15; x3202
Cosmology; Gravitation.
Dr Henri Laurie
Senior Lecturer
Room M3.02; x2342
Mathematical ecology; industrial mathematics; mathematics education
Dr Robert Martin
Room M3.25; x5734
Functional Analysis; Operator Theory
Dr Bishop Mongwane
Room M3.23.2; x5225
Numerical Relativity, Cosmology
Mr Ruan Moolman
Room M3.28; x5688
Mathematics Education at Tertiary Level (metacognition), Research in educational assessment.
Prof. Jeff Murugan
Associate Professor
Room M2.04; x3197
String Theory, Quantum Gravity and Neurophysics
Dr Bob Osano
Room M301; x4529
Theoretical Cosmology, General Relativity and Mathematics Education.
Prof. Daya Reddy
Professor of Applied Mathematics
South African Research Chair in Computational Mechanics
Menzies Bldg, Room 529.6; x3787
Mathematical and computational aspects of continuum mechanics; the finite element method
Dr Neill Robertson
Senior Lecturer
Room M1.08; x3814
Functional analysis; locally convex spaces; descriptive set theory; infinite dimensional holomorphy
Dr Francesco Russo
Senior Lecturer
Room M4.14; x1481
Topology, Group Theory, Homology, Lie Theory, Geometric Measure Theory, Mathematical Models in Music
Dr Juana Sanchez-Ortega 
Room M419 x3206
Algebra, specifically rings, Lie algebras, and related structures; graph algebras, computer algebra and category theory
Dr Anneliese Schauerte
Senior Lecturer
Room M1.01.4; x3196
Frame and biframe theory; categorical topology; uniform and quasi-uniform structures
Dr Jonathan Shock
Room M3.24.2; x3644
String theory, mathematical biology, machine learning, Emergent geometry, biostatistics,  neuroscience and symbolic computation.
Dr Haris Skokos
Senior Lecturer
Room M3.24.1; x5074
Nonlinear dynamical systems; Chaotic dynamics; Hamiltonian systems
Dr Holger Spakowski
Room M1.02; x2849
Theoretical computer science; Computational complexity
Dr Christine Swart
Room M4.18; x3201
Cryptography, Stream Cyphers.
Mr Thomas van Heerden
Room M1.01.6; x3200
Mathematical Physics, Nonlinear Dynamics, Numerical Analysis; Mathematics education

Prof Amanda Weltman
Associate Professor
NRF/DST South African Research Chair in Physical Cosmology
Room M206; x3815

String Theory, Cosmology and Gravity
Numeracy Center
The numeracy center staff can be found in Hoerikwaggo Floor 5 & 6

Ms. Vera Frith
Senior Lecturer, Unit head
Room H6.05; x5722
Quantitative Literacy curriculum for Higher Education
Mr. Jacob Jaftha
Room H6.04; x2332
Quantitative Literacy
Ms. Pam Lloyd
Room H6.08; x5724
Ms. Sheena Rughubar-Reddy
Room H6.05; x5730