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Message from the Science Postgraduate Students' Association

Dear Postgraduate Student

On behalf of the Science Faculty Postgraduate Students Association (Science PGSA) I welcome you to the University of Cape Town.

When entering into a postgraduate degree, you enter into a time that is both challenging and fruitful. Sometimes your research increasingly becomes re-search, and your objectives from your project proposal change like the Cape Town weather. However, you also get those moments when your experiments work and everything you touch turns into publishable data. Postgraduate life is full of great challenges and awesome rewards.

The Science Postgraduate Student‟s Association (Science PGSA) is a committee that endeavours to promote postgraduate life through organising relevant seminars and hosting an annual Science Symposium that seeks to showcase postgraduate research. The Science PGSA is also an effective channel for postgraduate students to raise any concerns through their representatives. Members of the Science PGSA represent postgraduate students at Faculty level and at University level as an Executive Committee (PGSA EXCO). These bodies contribute actively to various Faculty and University decision-making structures. Standing for election is not only a mark of trust by your peers but a method by which you can give back to the greater student governance and help develop a better postgraduate community.

We wish you the best of luck in your scientific endeavours.

Kind Regards
Science PGSA