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General Enquiries

Information to provide when enquiring:

  • Full name & email (or fax or mail) address.
  • Nationality and country of residence.
  • Field of interest.
  • Summary of tertiary education --- e.g. attach scanned images of your university transcripts.
    For theses give title & abstract.
  • When you hope to start.
  • Whether you'll need financial assistance and/or whether you can cover some or all of your costs.
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Key requirements:

  • A good previous degree in a relevant area.
  • Financing for your fees and living.
  • A staff member at UCT who is willing to be your supervisor
    --- this depends on how many students a staff member currently has, how close your topic is to her/his range of expertise, and whether you need financial support from her/his research funding. Normally a thesis topic is chosen in the process of a supervisor agreeing to take you on, and financial arrangements are discussed.

It makes sense to see if you can arrange a supervisor and financial support, BEFORE you fill in the UCT application form (for which there is an appication fee).

To find a supervisor:

To estimate costs and finance possibilities:

  • Look at the Finances page. (For foreign students, fees are higher & scholarships harder to come by.)
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