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About Us


For millennia mathematics has been an indispensable tool in everyday life as well as in understanding natural phenomena and explaining the fundamental processes of the Universe. With:

  • the dramatic increase of the role of information technology in modern society,
  • engineering, economics, medicine, chemistry, and life sciences increasingly adopting quantitative approaches,
  • physics in search of a new language to quantify progressively more abstract concepts

the demand for mathematical methods and mathematically literate professionals cannot be overstated.

This department is a community of scholars that vigorously strives for excellence in

  • developing fundamental mathematics and mathematical methods for applied disciplines,
  • teaching and communicating mathematics to the widest possible cross-section of South African society,
  • using mathematics to address pressing needs of society nationally, throughout Africa, and worldwide.

Our vision is to be the flagship of African mathematics, representing the diversity of the South African population and serving the community.